2022 Rockathon

3rd Annual North Paulding Wolfpack Pride Rockathon – August 13, 2022

Rockathon Details and FAQ
Rockathon Sponsor Order Form

Dear Parents and Students,

Rockathon 2022 will be August 13, 2022 this year. Plan on an exciting, fun and
fantastic party for the students to celebrate the many hours they spend soliciting
sponsors for the North Paulding High School Band Music Program.

What is it?
Rockathon is our annual sponsorship drive kickoff fundraiser. Instead of us buying
more candy, donuts, wrapping paper, and cookie dough, the students and parents will
contact local area businesses and offer sponsorship opportunities. There are a lot of
sponsorship levels for any donation amount. North Paulding Band Boosters will publish
a Sponsor’s Directory that will be distributed to all families of the North Paulding Band
and Colorguard program, as well as all North Paulding High School administration.
Each sponsor will receive recognition for their support! We encourage all of our band
and colorguard families to use the services offered by our sponsors.

What is our FundRaising Goal?
This year’s goal is $10,000. This should be an attainable goal with ALL band and
colorguard students raising $100 each. This fundraiser has a long history of great
success in other school band programs where the parents and students take
fundraising seriously. Totals of over $60,000 are not uncommon! We can do it with
everyone’s help!

How does it work?
Each student will receive a packet containing instructions, sponsorship forms,
sponsorship receipts, and Rockathon party information. Student’s will begin to visit
local businesses immediately seeking sponsorships from local businesses/ patrons of
North Paulding High School Band. As student’s receive money they will turn in their
money and sponsor information either through the band website, app or dropped into
the safe in the band room from May through August. When a student reaches the $50
level, they will have “qualified” to attend the Rockathon Party on August 13, 2022. Now,
how do you make money?!? Students will be allocated 50% of EVERYTHING
collected over $50 in their band/colorguard student account
. This is a easy way to
earn enough money to pay your entire band or colorguard dues and pay for trips! You
can also take donations from anyone (family, friends, etc) to help reach your goals!
Let’s aim for 100% participation in this important project.

Where’s the PARTY?
August 13, 2022 at 5:00PM-11:30PM. The Rockathon party will be held at North
Paulding High School campus. We will use the cafeteria, auditorium, band room and
outside practice field and parking lot. There will be a DJ, dancing, trivia, video games,
food, games, inflatables, and much more to entertain us through the night! Everyone
who qualifies ($50) can attend
. All donations must be turned in by August 13th to be able
to attend, and yes, you can turn in your money that night! You don’t want to miss the
fun! Donations for the top prizes must be turned in by August 13. Top-selling sections
will have prizes!!

Would you like to help?
As you can imagine, the Band Booster will need lots of parent volunteers to make this
event a success! We need people to help with the following activities:

  • Collections at rehearsals Clean-Up
  • Certificate assembly/ distribution Set-Up
  • Certificate Printing Decorations
  • Sponsor’s Directory Food
  • Check-in at Rockathon Chaperones
  • Prizes Running activities

Who should I contact for sponsorships?

ANYONE AND EVERYONE! The possibilities are endless! Think about all of the different businesses here that you visit or drive by everyday. Most of them have not been contacted with this type of fundraiser. Start with relationships you already have with people who have a business.

Here are some examples to get you started.
Accountants, air conditioning service, antiques, architecture, art teachers, artists, assisted living facilities, attorneys, automotive shops, bakery, banks, bankers, beauty salons, carpet, carpet cleaners, churches, computer stores, contractors, doctors, dentists, electricians, financial advisors, florists, groomers, health clubs, house cleaners, insurance agents, jewelry stores, lawn care, loan officers, mortgage brokers, music stores, nail salons, pet stores, pharmacies, plumbers, real estate agents, retail stores, tanning salons, tire stores, tree companies, veterinarians, weight loss clinics. The list can go on and on.

2022 Rockathon Sponsorships

Funds Split: 50% Student Account / 50% General Fund
After first $50

Sponsorship Level = Student Account + General Fund
$2,000 $975 $1,025
$1,500 $725 $775
$1,250 $600 $650
$1,000 $475 $525
$750 $350 $400
$500 $225 $275
$250 $100 $150
$200 $75 $125
$150 $50 $100
$100 $25 $75