2020 Audition Process

Due to school closure and the need to continue preparing for next year, we have decided to move the audition process to submission of a video recording. We believe that this will be the fairest way to get the class placement process completed in the time required.


WINDS: You will perform the 12 major scales, chromatic scale, and the etude. There will be no sight reading this year.

PERCUSSIONISTS: You will perform the snare etude and snare sight reading. The snare sight reading will be emailed out and posted to the band website on the morning of Thursday April 2.

Students will need to record a video of themselves performing the requirements for the class placement audition, in order. Students must be visible in the video.

  1. 12 major Scales (Winds Only)
  2. Chromatic Scale (Winds Only)
  3. Prepared Etude
  4. Sight Reading (Percussion Only)

The video will need to be uploaded to the Google Drive that can be accessed through their school student email.
Once it is uploaded, you will submit a link to it through the form.
When looking at your video in Google Drive, click on Share, then go to the option to share through a link. Copy the link and submit it.
If you are in the app, the option to share through a link is under where it says “Who has access.” Click the circles there and select where it says link sharing off. This will turn link sharing on and copy the link to your clipboard, so you can paste in the form.