Ameris and Lakewood Amphitheater Fundraiser

It is time for the 2023 Ameris and Lakewood Amphitheater Kick Off!!  

For the 2023 season, we are committed to 32 shows between the two amphitheaters that we have agreed to run concessions.  These shows do NOT conflict with any Marching Band rehearsals or events.  

Here are some of the questions and details on this fundraiser.

How does it work?  We must provide between 10 and 16 volunteers for each show that we have agreed to host a concession stand for.  In exchange, the amphitheater provides us with a percentage of the sales for the evening for each show that we run our concessions stand.  

What is in it for me?  You will receive $50 PER PERSON in your band account for each show that you volunteer for.  Last year, we paid out over $9,000 towards BAND DUES and many families paid their ENTIRE band dues for the 2022-2023 season by working on 3 – 4 shows!  It is an easy way to pay for your band dues.  And remember, funds can be used for any band-related expenses, including meal plans, band trip to Universal, new shoes, new water bottles, and even banquet.  And, all fundraiser money does roll over from year to year (until Senior Year).  Get a couple of friends together and come have a good time.

Can my student work the event?  All students MUST be 16 years old to work the event.  This is Lakewood’s policy, not the bands.  Any students under 18 MUST have a parent or chaperone with them.  

Can alumni students or parents work a show?  Absolutely!!  If you would like your $50 to be applied to a current band student, please just put it in the notes in the comments section of sign-up genius. If you are alumni, please use the 21+ section to sign up, just so we can keep the students section for current North Paulding High School students. 

Will I need training?  Yes, all volunteers must undergo a food and safety training. 
Lakewood is hosting the following trainings:

April 25th 6:30pm  

April 29th 10am and 2pm  

The training is about 1.5 hours.  Once certified, your certification is good for 3 years. If you completed the alcohol training last year, you are covered for this year.

If you plan to be a Stand Lead for this Season, you MUST attend the Livenation Dry Run Training at Lakewood on May 23rd.  

Will I need to pay for parking?  No, each volunteer will receive a parking pass.

Will additional shows be added?  Maybe!  We must fill all 32 shows before we agree to additional shows.  If we do not meet our 10 – 16 person requirement we will not be able to do the show and this will affect our ability to continue to participate in this fundraiser. 

So where do I sign up?  I am so happy you asked!

You can sign up through these links: