April 2024 Booster Meeting – 4/8/24

Tuesday night we will be holding our March Booster Meeting in the band room at 7:00pm. Please plan to attend as we will be announcing candidates for open board positions, and presenting the 2024-2025 budget for review, along with several other updates. We look forward to seeing everyone again!

2024 LGPE Schedule

On Monday, March 11th, the North Paulding High School Band will travel to Woodland High School in Cartersville to perform their LGPE (Large Group Performance Evaluation) concert. All parents are welcome and encouraged to attend the performance!

Reminder: This is an early release day, so the school day ends at 1:25.

Students need to be in their concert attire with their instrument loaded on the trailer or in their possession before call time.

Concert Band Symphonic Band * Wind Symphony
Call Time – 8:00 Call Time – 1:45 Load trailer – 1:25
Depart NPHS – 8:45 Depart NPHS – 2:00 * Call Time – 4:30
Arrive WHS – 9:00 Arrive WHS – 2:15 Depart NPHS – 5:00
Warm Up – 9:15 Warm Up – 2:30 Arrive WHS – 5:15
Performance – 10:00 Performance – 3:15 Warm Up – 5:30
Sight Reading – 10:30 Sight Reading – 3:45 Performance – 6:15
Load Trailer – 11:00 Load Trailer – 4:15 Sight Reading – 6:45
Depart WHS – 11:15 Depart WHS – 4:30 Load Trailer – 7:15
Arrive NPHS – 11:30 Arrive NPHS – 4:45 Depart WHS – 7:30
Estimated Dismissal to lunch –
Estimated Dismissal – 5:00 Arrive NPHS – 7:45
Estimated Dismissal – 8:00
* Students can stay in the band room after school, but aren’t required to. Eat a meal before call time.

Pre-LGPE Concert – Tuesday 7pm

On Tuesday, February 27th, the North Paulding Band Program will present its Pre-LGPE concert. As noted in the syllabus, each ensemble is a performance based class that utilizes public performances as part of the learning process. All rehearsals and performances are equated into the nine-week grade for each semester. We are super excited with the progress that the students have made so far this semester and look forward to celebrating with a great night of music.

This year the middle school band program will be performing prior to the high school performance. The high school show starts at 7:00 pm.

Below, please find information related to each specific ensemble. Part of the process is arriving on time, in the correct uniform, and consistently displaying a high level of concert etiquette throughout the entire evening. Students will not be permitted to perform if they are not in the correct attire. Students sit in the side section on Stage Right (closest to the band room) during the concert and will be monitored by chaperones. Students are to be in the auditorium once their band is done, pay attention to the concert, and remain quiet while in the audience. Students will not use their phones, talk, or cause any distractions during a performance. Failure to follow this etiquette will result in removal from the concert and a grade of 0 for the concert.

Students are required to stay through to the end of the concert. Attendance will be taken at the beginning of the concert and at the end. Being tardy for the first attendance will reduce your grade. Not being present for the student’s portion of the concert or attendance at the end of the concert will result in a 0 for the concert. Not being present for the final attendance will reduce your grade.

Please contact the band office if you have any questions.

Attendance and Concert Attire:

CONCERT BAND (1st and 2nd Block)
Attendance Time: 6:00 pm in your seat in the auditorium.
Attire: Black button down dress shirt or blouse, black belt, black dress pants, long black socks, and black dress shoes OR black dress and black flats (no heels)

Attendance Time: 6:45 pm in the band room
Attire: Black button down dress shirt or blouse, black belt, black dress pants, long black socks, and black dress shoes OR school dress and black flats (no heels)

Attendance Time: 6:55 pm in the auditorium watching Concert Band 
Attire: School tuxedo, long black socks, and black dress shoes OR school dress and black flats (no heels)

Spring Hanging Baskets Fundraiser

Spring is (hopefully) right around the corner so we’re kicking off our annual hanging basket fundraiser! These are beautiful, full baskets grown by the same greenhouse our holiday poinsettias come from. These are great sellers, so be sure to ask everyone – co-workers, friends, family, neighbors!

This is a 50/50 fundraiser – 50% of your sale profit goes to your student account and 50% goes to the band’s General Fund.

The link to the order form is below. I recommend downloading the basket choice graphic so you can post it on social media, share it via text and email, or show it on your phone in person.


2024 Hanging Basket Options

Indoor Drumline Sponsorship Drive

The North Paulding High School Band Percussion Program is growing this year! Our newest percussion program, the North Paulding Combined Schools Indoor Drumline, is up and running and the student musicians are excited for the upcoming season.

We’ve kicked off our annual Indoor Drumline sponsorship drive and need everyone’s help! This program does not receive any funding from the school district or Band Booster Association, but rather is entirely funded by participant dues and fundraising. Without fundraising, we will not have the funds needed to make this happen for the students.

Please visit your local businesses, ask any business owner you know, or solicit donations from friends and family. For any sponsorship that you bring in, 50% goes to your student account and 50% goes to the Indoor Drumline General Fund.

The best part? EVERY band student can participate and fundraise for their student account! If you get one $1,500 sponsor, your 50% covers your marching dues for next season. Boom!

Print and bring these two documents to any business you are soliciting a sponsorship from:
Sponsorship Drive Letter
Sponsorship Level Benefit Details

The online form for sponsor registration and payment can be found here:

THANK YOU to every student who participates and helps us fund this exciting new program!

Information about the North Paulding Combined Schools Indoor Drumline program:

The Indoor Drumline program is composed of students from three Paulding County high schools – North Paulding, South Paulding, and Hiram. These students have been rehearsing since the end of October in preparation for their competition season that starts in February and culminates mid-April in Dayton, Ohio at the WGI Percussion World Championships.

What is Indoor Drumline?

Indoor drumline consists of the marching percussion (also called battery) and front ensemble sections of a marching band or drum corps. Indoor percussion marries elements of music performance, marching, and theater; thus, the activity is often referred to as percussion theater.