Mrs. Fields Cookie Dough Fundraiser

Who likes cookies? Personally, I’m a huge fan. This is YOUR CHANCE to sell some COOKIE DOUGH to get some DOUGH in your band account! ALL band and guard students can participate in these Indoor Drumline fundraisers too! Add to your student account while helping the Indoor Drumline program at the same time.

This fundraiser is a very similar format to the Socksgiving fundraiser (which is still going on, BTW). Here are some key details…

  • Friends and family can purchase a 24 pack of cookie dough for $29.99.
  • It ships DIRECTLY to the consumer in dry ice. So they don’t need to worry about it sitting out while they’re gone.
  • STUDENTS MUST REGISTER FOR THIS FUNDRAISER! The link for the fundraiser sign-up is here:
  • Must order by December 1st to be guaranteed before Christmas.
  • Sale ends December 19th.
  • There is nothing to turn in – your friends and family will order everything online through your personal sales link.

Cookie dough sells well and Mrs. Fields is one of the best! Get out there and get that DOUGH!

Fundraiser set-up instructions

Fundraiser Flyer – When the QR code on this flyer is scanned, it will take them to the main fundraiser page and they can select your student’s name from a drop down menu. You must register for the fundraiser first in order to display in the student dropdown. (See link in bulleted items above to register.)

$8 per cookie pack sold comes back to the Band. Of that $8, $5 will be credited to your student band account and $3 will go to the Indoor Drumline fund.