Dallas Christmas Parade

The Dallas Christmas parade is this Saturday, December 2nd. We are looking forward to a very fun day! There are a lot of details below. Please be sure to read them ahead of time so that you know where you are going and your student is on time. The addresses have been linked to Google Maps and there are helpful maps at the bottom of this post to assist you.

Percussion and Tubas – These sections ONLY will need to meet at the band room at 9:30AM on Saturday to load instruments on the trailer. Once that is done, they will need transportation to the parade. 

Schedule for the day:

  • Inclement Weather Decision 9:00 am
  • Trailer Load time 9:30 am
  • Drop Off Time: 11:00-11:15 am
  • Parade Call Time 11:30 am
  • Parade Start Time 1:00 pm
  • Anticipated dismissal 2:30 pm

Meeting Location (unload, change, warmup, etc)

Paulding County School District Transportation Department: 522 Hardee St #4715, Dallas, GA 30132

Drop Off Instructions

11:00 am – 11:15 am (please do your best to fit this schedule, all bands are having to use this road) 

Parents will need to use Highway 61 and turn onto Henry Holland Drive. (See first photo below)

A police officer and Rotarian will be stationed at the entrance, you will need to have the band logo Dashboard Tag visible to enter that road. These will be distributed to the students so be sure to ask them for it.

Drive to where Henry Holland Drive meets Main Street, let students out, then U-turn and exit back onto 61 from Henry Holland Drive.

Students cannot be dropped off at this location after 12:00, I suggest dropping off at Belong Church or in downtown Dallas and walking (quickly) to the location.

Parking is available at Belong Church (formerly Oasis) and at public parking in downtown Dallas.

If you park at Belong Church, walk up Academy Drive, then turn right down Main Street, the Holding Area will be on the left. After the parade, those of you parked here will walk the parade route together to get back to the church. 

If you park in the parade parking at the end of the parade, walk down Main Street, the parade route, to get to the Holding Area. It will be on the left. 
Restrooms/Weather Shelter

Dallas Elementary School: 520 Hardee St #4713, Dallas, GA 30132

Parade Start Location

Intersection of Academy Drive and Main Street

Parade Trailer Load/Pickup Area

Band will de-uniform and load trailer at the intersection of W Griffin Street and Hood Street.

Students will be dismissed after their uniform and instrument are loaded.

Recommended pickup between South Street and Hood Street, make sure your car is headed towards Dallas, not away from it (so your student doesn’t need to cross the street).
Order of Bands

  1. East Paulding High School
  2. South Paulding High School
  3. North Paulding High School
  4. Hiram High School 
  5. Paulding County High School